About Us

Mountain biking on local trails is more than just outdoor entertainment.  It brings communities and families together for
an exhilarating shared experience connecting with nature, developing skills and getting exercise.  Hubnotic is proud to be a small part of this great community.

Riders of all skill levels can appreciate the technical trail work done by volunteers and the natural beauty of our trail system properties.  Lots of hard work and dedication has gone into creating these networks.  Each one has its own distinct style and personality that continues to develop. 

Entering a new trail system sparks the imagination.  The different trail names, features and maps make you feel like a kid again exploring another world.  At Hubnotic, we have been inspired to bring them to life with their own unique designs and apparel.

My name is Elliot Helmer, founder of Hubnotic. I was born and raised in Vermont. As a kid in the 80's my favorite thing to do was ride around town on my bike checking out swimming holes, playing man hunt, going to the candy store and just exploring my hometown roads and trails. There was always an adventure waiting around every corner. 

After moving back to Vermont a few years ago I reignited my interest in biking! I still get that same thrill and sense of freedom every time I hop on a bike.  I’m excited to have found a way to build a business I enjoy while giving back to this amazing biking community.

For every item you purchase a portion of proceeds goes back to trail maintenance and construction